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The creators of the GPS are Ivan A getting, Bradford Parkinson and Roger L Easton.

The first GPS Global Positioning Satellite was launched into orbit in on February 22 1978.

How it works

Their are 24 satellite orbiting earth, each satellite circles twice a day transmitting a signal down to earth then your GPS pick up the signal with a receiver inside of your GPS to triangulate your exact position. The receiver must be locked on to at least three receivers to get a signal for your 2 D but for a 3 D position you need at least four or more satellites. A GPS is very accurate because it uses a multi channel design.

In 1973 the GPS was only intended for militarily use until 1980 were it was shared for the public use.

Technology which provides reliable navigation services and detailed images anywhere on earth has proved to be an invaluable tool to the U.S. military and other defense forces around the world.The GPS is usable in any condition rain or shine.