Steve Wozniak 1976

In 1967 Steve Wozniak launched Apple with the Apple 1.

Wozniak graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Born in San Jose, California and currently lives In Los Gatos California.

How it started

The First computer ever made by Apple. Steve Wozniak hand made the Apple 1 and created the motherboard from scratch. fixing and crtiqueing the computer every night for months and months until he got exactly what he wanted, his first computer. The Apple 1 either came with 4kb or 8kb of ram depending what model you bought. The different things you could were, play micro chess, slots and some other simple computer games. There were real graphics such as pictures or videos. There was only text graphics. This computer was a start to a evolution of amazing Apple products to come.

external image 005-steve-jobs-theredlist.jpgThe Apple 1. 1976. Hand made by Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak wasn't done there

Steve Wozniak then went on to make the Apple 2. The Apple 2 was created with the help of Steve Jobs. Jobs and Wozniak weren't really friends, they were more partners. Jobs used Wozniak for his amazing creation and Wozniak used Jobs for marketing skills. The Apple 2 came with 48 kb of ram. This was the first apple computer to have a colour display.

external image 7.jpgThe Apple 2. 1976. Created by Wozniak and Jobs.

Improvement upon computers

Wozniak improved the way computers work today. If Wozniak didn't create the Apple 1, then who knows where computers would be today. Wozniak brought a whole new perspective to computers, showing that computers were capable of doing so many things that we would of never of thought of.

Wozniak leaves apple

Wozniak left Apple because he couldn't put up with the way that Jobs did things. They were both geniuses but in different ways. Jobs lead the business to become worth billions of dollars.

external image 141110164148-steve-wozniak-620xa.jpgSteve Wozniak Last year holding up the iPhone 6.
Steve Wozniak talking about the Apple 1 and how he created it

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