Steve Jobs
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If your reading this you should know who Steve Jobs is. He founded Apple. Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world. They make Phones, Computers, Music players and tablets. Their newest idea is the apple pencil. I know what your thinking, stupid right? It is. Its $99 for a stylus that only comes with the iPad Pro. Other than that apple is a fantastic company.

Apple was created in 1976. The first Apple computer was hand built by the co founder Steve Wozniak and was introduced at the Homebrew Computer Club. The Apple l was supposed to be a "do it yourself" kit that didn't even come with a case. It came as a kit and was sold for $666. (not for satanic reasons, just because Wozniak liked repeating numbers.) In 1999 the Apple I became the most collectible PC of all time.

The Macintosh was announced by Steve Jobs at the company's shareholders meeting. At 2,495 the Mac was the first affordable computer. In 1985 the board voted on firing Steve Jobs because he was a difficult person to work with. But in 1997 they decided that they needed him back.
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The iPod came out in 2001. It was the first music player that could fit in you pocket. It was one of the best things that Apple created because it was a very good idea. In 2003 Apple released the iTunes store where you could download a song for 99 cents. In the first week it was released it sold 1 million songs. The iPhone was released on June 29 2007. It could play music like the iPod but it was also a Phone. By Sept 30 of that year the iPhone had sold 1.4 million phones.

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad on January 27 2010 many people thought it was nothing more than a giant iPhone. It became the fastest selling product. When the iPad mini was released it sold 84 million of those giant iPhone's in 4 months.

Reasons why Apple changed the world.

Steve Jobs made a company that changed the world. It's devices and computers are smooth and clean and so easy to work with. You don't have to carry a DVD player, MP3 and a camera everywhere you go because you can have all of those on an iPod, iPad or iPhone. Apple has changed how technology works.