Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is famous for many things.He Co-founded Microsoft ,He practically invented the Xbox and he's a billionaire.So let's take a look at his history.


external image bill-gates-lookalike-kid.jpgBill Gates was born on OCTOBER 28 1955 .At the age of 13 he began to show an interest in computer programming at Lakeside school.After finishing high school he attended Harvard University and he started to pursue his passion there.
William H. Gates, Sr. and
Mary Maxwell Gates were very upper class.Bill's father was a book author and Bill's mother was a business women.She served 18 years with the
University of Washington board of regents.
In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen created a partnership called MICROSOFT.While attending Harvard,Bill and Paul kept working on a project.The project was to create software for a company called
MITS Altair.
Bill continuously kept missing school to work on the software.Eventually he dropped out and put all his focus on the project.


After 5 years of hard work and dedication Bill and Paul finally finished their project.Once they handed it over to Altair they immediately began to install it into their computers. After that they started selling their product.
Altair 8800 Computer.jpg
Altair 8800 Computer.jpg

So this is the Altair 8800 computer that inspired Bill and Paul to create software for Microsoft.It didn't take long for it to become a huge hit.Bill and Paul became rich.When Microsoft really started growing,Bill was the CEO and Paul was unfortunately diagnosed with a disease.He left Microsoft to become a research company owner,where he created research websites.

How Bill's Invention changed the world

When Bill created Microsoft it was the first ever software for computers and he put a PC on every desk in every home.This opened up the doors for a whole new generation of computers and software.


So that was some earlier and later things that Bill gates did along with Paul Allen.Here's a short video of Bill giving a explanation about micorsoft and IF statements .
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