external image dkmb86g_487pr55s2hc_b.jpgThe first cell phone(MotorolaDynaTAC8000X.)
In 1973, the first ever call by cell phone was made. Martin Cooper, one of the people who helped create it, was also the
first person to use it. The cell phone was revolutionary, due to the fact that you could take it anywhere and still be able to call someone. However, it had flaws. It measured 13x1.75x3.5 in.
and weighed 2 pounds, meaning it was quite a burden to carry
around. Plus, its size, shape, and weight earned it the
nickname, 'the Brick'. And on top of all that, you only got 30 minutes of talking time before you had to plug it in to recharge
AAAANNNNDDDD it cost around 4000$!!!!! So back then, you
had to ask yourself, 'Is it really worth it?' Well, it was all a matter of opinion. To some, it was a useless gimmick, due to the fact that there were payphones everywhere. However, to some, it was a great idea. As previously mentioned, while there were
payphones everywhere, what if you couldn't find one or didn't
have any change on you? And on top of that, what would happen if it was an emergency? That's where the cell phone
comes in. While it only lasted 30 minutes, you didn't have to
pay every time you called someone with a cell phone. Which means, it would PAY OFF (ha ha) in the long run. And besides,
without the first cell phone, we'd never have our iPods, iPhones,
or even iPads!
external image cell-phone-evolution.jpgThe evolution of cell phones.
To be honest, where would we be without cell phones? Well, for
one thing, we'd still have to use payphones in this day and age.
Also, we'd never have texting, selfies, or even apps. And we'd
still have to e-mail each other, and sometimes wait ages for a
response. Heck, e-mail may never have been invented! So, there, now you know the history of the device that everyone has
their faces pressed into 24/7(I'm guilty as charged). So to end,
I'm going to leave you with this old cell phone commercial!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!