Ralph's Background

Ralph Baer was born on March 8, 1922 and died on December 6, 2014 at the age of 92. Ralph was a German born American video game developer. He and his family fled to America when WW2 started. In America he fought in World War 2 where he was assigned to military intelligence. After World War 2 he worked with electronics and in the 1960s he had the idea to play games on tv screens. In 1956 he was working for Sanders Associates and while working there he had the idea of playing games on your television.

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The Brown Box

Ralph was known for inventing the world's first video game console. He made this game console in 1972. The device he created was called the Brown Box and was a game system that would plug into your tv. When creating this device he had the help of two colleagues by the names of Bill Harrison and Bill Rusch. It was called the Brown Box because of the brown wood like tape they would wrap the console in. On the Brown Box you could play a variety of different games by flipping the switches on the front of the console.

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Ralph pushed computers forward by offering something brand new that no one at that time has seen before. Ralph started a multi billion dollar industry that is still massively growing today.

Meet Ralph Baer

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