Norman Abramson
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Norman was born in Boston Massachusetts on April first 1932 he went to University of Stanford 1958 and went to University of California Los Angles he also went to Harvard University

Norman was the developer for wireless communication know as ALOHAnet was computer networking system that was developed in 1971 at the university of Hawaii it became operational in June providing the first public wireless network ALOHAnet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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How it changed the world

Normans Invention has changed the world in many ways it has made a big impact in medical care, for example in the United Nations care worker use smartphones to send medical information to the places were care is given. They now use wireless communication to survie endangerd wildlife. There using smartphones for businesses making it easier to communicate with costumers from all around the world. Wireless communication has changed the way news is reported and broadcast smartphones allow you to record the news then wireless communication allows you to share it with rest of the world. Wireless communication has made entertainment so much easier to obtain Such as reading books or listening to them and watch you tube or watching movies online. In many schools teachers have banned the use of smartphones but now there changing there minds letting students use it for educational purposes. Wireless communication has made it easier for people to work together to support common causes. Wireless communication lets you watch the world in a perspective never before possible.