The First CPU


Intel created the very first commercially available microprocessor,the CPU. The Intel 4004 was a 16 pined 4 bit processor that would run at a max of 740 kHz. The chips design started in April 1970 when Federico Faggin Joined the Intel company.It was partly designed by Ted Hoff. And the help of Masatoshi Shima who assisted in the development It was later completed in January in the following year. The size of these new microprocessors were about the length of a quarter and the width of about half of a quarter. The production of these processors went for about 10 years, from 1971 to 1981. Federico Faggin was the person who mostly designed the chip.

Intel 4004 Micro Processor


Mr.Federico Faggin Creator of the Microprocessor

Frederico Faggin was the only one among the engineers who was experienced with random logic and
circuit design. He also designed and manufactured the first commercial available Integrated Circuit (IC) in 1968. When he joined the Intel MOS department he then created a new Ramdon Logic design based on Silicon Gates. And he also gave many circuit designs which made the Intel 4004 a reality. The chip housed a 10 um process silicon gate enhancement that could run about 92 000 Instructions Per Second (IPS).