The First Touch Screen E.A Johnson


(A Picture Of Air Traffic Control Using Touch Screens)
(A Picture Of Air Traffic Control Using Touch Screens)

E.A Johnson is Most commonly considered to be the first person to invent the touch screen. He made capacitive touch screen. E .A Johnson developed the touch screen in Malvern United Kingdom. At the Time E.A Johnson worked for the royal radar establishment. He later wrote an article on his new invention for air traffic control in 1968. He later published another article saying it would be a novelty input/output device for a computer. E .A Johnson soon patent his invention in 1966. 2 years later Johnson improved his touch screen technolegy by adding graphs and pictures to his touch display this was very helpful for air traffic control and was used for it until the late 1990's. The idea of the touch screen was soon picked up by a american inventor G. Samuel Hirst. He went on to invent the first Resistive Touchscreen.

How it Was Made

(Concept Of First Capacitive Touch Screen)
(Concept Of First Capacitive Touch Screen)

The touch screens that E.A Johnson invented usually used a insulater like glass coated in Indium Tin Oxide. electrical conductor. The touchscreen was not pressure sensitive it either registered touch or it didn't register touch. Johnsons First touchscreen could only process one touch at a time. Most touchscreens we use in Modern times are multi touch, but that would be invented much later.This transparent conductor would detect when a human finger touched it. The human finger acted as a


Touchscreens are a massive part of our everyday life. From our cell phones, tablets and much more. Even though E.A Johnsons touchscreen is much differnt that wha we use today he started the development of our modern technology.


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