Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart was born in January 30, 1925 he was an american engineer and inventor he made many things such as the computer mouse one of the well know things today and he also helped with the development of hyper text.

Douglas Engelbart and his first mouse
Douglas Engelbart and his first mouse
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Douglas Engelbarts timeline.

Early Life
Douglas Englebart was born in Portland Oregon in January 30, 1925 he was the middle child of three he had a big sister named Doeriann she was three and a little brother named David who was 14 months younger then Douglas. when Douglas was 8 years old they moved to the countryside by Johnson Creek. his father died one year after they moved when Douglas was 9 years old.
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sign of Portland Oregon

Douglas left his job at NASA's Ames Research Center so he could focus on making the world a better place.In 1964, Douglas conceptualized and created the first design for the computer mouse. While Douglas believed that the point-and-click computer device could be equipped with up to 10 buttons, the first mouse would have just three. The inventor went on to create the first two-dimensional editing system, and was the first to demonstrate the use of mixed text-graphics and shared-screen viewing. Doug was the first person in the world to make the computer mouse one of the things people use everyday.

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Prototype of the first computer mouse.

Douglas went on to earn a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of California,Berkeley, in 1955.

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University of California,Berkeley.

Later Years And Death.
Douglas Enlabart had four children and a his first wife Ballard, the were maried for 47 years till Ballard died in 1997. Douglas then got remaried to Karen O'Leary Engelbart on January,26,2008. Douglas Englabart then died in his home in Atherton, California on
July,2,2013 because of Kidney Failure.

Douglas Englbart Talking About The First Computer Mouse.