external image ZusePortraitBW.jpg1936: Konrad Zuse

In 1936, Konrad Zuse created the Z1, A mechanical calculator/
computer that had limited programmability. Originally, it was called
the V1(as in Versuchs Model1 or Experimental Model1), but Konrad
had to change the name because it shared the same name as a flying bomb, the V1. Thus, it became the Z1. The Z1 read its
instructions off of a perforated 35mm film and contained around
30,000 metal parts. However, it was faulty, my guess due to the era
of technology. Well, considering he built in his parents basement, it was a pretty good first try. Then, in 1940, Konrad presented the Z2, a more advanced version of the Z1. It spanned several rooms, used telephone relays, AND got funding from the military.