Vaccum Tubes
Picture of John Ambrose Fleming
Picture of John Ambrose Fleming

The Inventor

The vacuum Tube was invented by a man named John Ambrose Fleming. He was born November 29 1849 in Lancaster U.K. John grew up to be a Electrical Engineer and physicist. He got is education from a variety of colleges. He has gone to St John's College, Cambridge, University College London, University College School and Imperial College London. John was not only famous for his invention of the Vacuum Tube he also created the Left Hand Rule. He has recieved his fair share of awards. Some of the awards he has received are Faraday Medal, IEEE Medal of Honor, Hughes Medal, Franklin Medal and the Albert Medal. John died on April 18, 1945.

What it Was Used For

(Modern vacuum tubes)
(Modern vacuum tubes)

John Ambrose Fleming First revealed his invention in 1904. After the invention of the vacuum tube it quickly became common place in radio receivers, radar sets, Early T.V sets and many other pieces of tech for at least half a century. Vacuum tubes were the start to all current tech. The vacuum tube made many
Diagram of Vacuum Tube
Diagram of Vacuum Tube

things like the mechanical computers very practical.

What It Is Made of (Very Simple Explanation)

The vacuum tube is a simple but very useful component to many electronic devices. The outer part of the vacuum tube is a thin glass tube. The very center of the vacuum tube is a cathode (-) then around that the anode(+). The control grid is in most but not all vacuum tubes. It expands the use for the vacuum tube. The control grid allows the current between the cathode and the anode to e controlled by voltage in the grid or grids.


Vacuum tubes were the start to all current tech and are still used in a few things here and there today. John Ambrose Flemings invention was used in many machines for the average consumer but was also used in the military and many more places. It has truly changed the world

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